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Meet Loyal Member, Marty Peters

By David Lahoud on 12/7/21 6:27 PM

Loyal NAIFA Member Marty Peters has been a part of NAIFA (then NALU) since 1968 and is now serving the community he is a part of in Solana Beach and Del Mar, California. Peters started out his career while working on his master's degree, having a job offered to him that started him in the financial services industry, leading him to stop his Master's degree and focus on the position he was offered. He initially found a different job that had less than desirable actions against the benefits of the customers they were assisting and moved on from that position after a bit. He was then convinced by his family to investigate the life insurance business. After a bit of convincing and learning that his education was paid for by his father’s life insurance, Peters interviewed with a few companies and secured a position with one, starting his journey in the career.

After joining that company as a financial advisor, Peters ended up joining with a program to fast track him onto the million-dollar round table, one of the leading international investment associations in the world, within two years, as well as become a more professional individual. Peters attributes his outstanding successes to his experiences and the people he has had the opportunity to know. He advocates for anyone in the industry to join NAIFA as it served to help Peters meet international leaders around the world, leading him to become more successful.

Peters says that success is built through the want to help others, and even at 80 years of age, he still strives to live that ideal. He attends his city’s Rotary club events, continues to work with and assist his clients, and makes a difference where he can. Peters believes that by working through the Rotary club in Del Mar, and by doing what you can to help marginalized groups, you end up becoming changed want to make even more of a difference. He also believes that other qualities of success are a strong sense of curiosity, a good work ethic, and being able to under-promise but over-deliver.

The types of clients that Peters works with are varied, with him working with high-asset clients and also the average normal person. He does not discriminate based on income levels and wants to help who he can in the best way possible. He always makes sure to contact his clients throughout the years that he had worked with in the past, showing he still values the business they brought him. The types of clients that Peters will not work with though are family, and people that he can’t pre-screen.

While he helps people through his business, Peters also loves to be involved with his community. He has served on the board of the San Dieguito Boys and Girls Club since 1977. Through serving, he has helped the younger generations go to school by creating scholarships for them so that as long as they perform at a certain level, they will have a large amount of their tuition covered. This, on top of the Rotary club activities, help Peters really be a part of his community and enjoy his life with his ideals being achieved. He also supports NAIFA’s political advocacy work and, while not participating currently, believes that NAIFA members should be a part of it. He believes that the older generation should groom the younger generation to be able to step in. 

Thank you, Marty, for your loyal service to our industry and association. We’re proud to call you one of our own.

Martin Peters is a registered representative with and securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC.