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A few years ago, I remember a reviewing a flyer promoting disability income insurance. The flyer described two job choices: Position A pays a $100,000 annual salary, while Position B pays a $98,000 annual salary and protects 60% of that income if you become sick or hurt and cannot go to work. Which position would you select?

This choice is similar to the question of whether or not to be a member of NAIFA. In the example, option 2 demonstrates that for approximately 2% of your income you can protect 60% of your income. Likewise, with NAIFA membership, for a likely smaller percentage of your income NAIFA will protect your business by advocating for your policyholders and clients before each state house in America and in Washington, D.C. Additionally, NAIFA membership provides educational and career development opportunities.

NAIFA membership is a proactive step to protect our industry and everyone who benefits from the benefits that are paid out daily. We must be proactive in our businesses to encourage and motivate our clients to take action to protect their assets and plan for their futures. Will you be proactive to protect our industry? This means being a dues paying member and actively participating in our advocacy efforts with your local legislators to share the stories of how we help our communities and their constituents. The last step of active membership is contributing to our political action committee, IFAPAC, which helps us cultivate relationships with candidates for state and federal legislative offices.

Will you be a proactive or reactive advisor? Will you increase your involvement with your professional association?

Please feel free to email your questions or concerns to info@naifacalifornia.org.

We thank you for your support! 


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