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Why I'm a NAIFA Member Today

The reason I'm a NAIFA member today is entirely different from my early years of NAIFA membership. In the beginning years of NAIFA membership, it was solely because my mentor in the business told me I had to be a member. Over those 20+ years, I would attend programs locally, interact with fellow NAIFA members and non-members. But it wasn't until I attended a "Day on the Hill" event about 10 years ago that my attitude about NAIFA and what we do for this industry changed. At this event, I realized the advocacy component of NAIFA, and how extremely important this leg of the stool is for our industry.My "Why" for NAIFA was realized at that moment. I returned back from Sacramento with a new attitude, and became more active with my local chapter and went through all the leadership positions. I've also completed the LILI program, which was a life-changing experience. I've become involved on my state board and will work through those leadership positions, and ultimately set my sights on national leadership positions.

Thank You, NAIFA for all you do for this fantastic industry!