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Hello NAIFA-California Members!

Welcome to 2020 Part II!

Just kidding. Welcome to a fresh new page, a fresh new year. We definitely came in hot, but “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”! Time to review and time to look F O R W A R D!

This year you will hear from various board members monthly with their insights.   Check back! These will be quick reads.

Here’s what 2020 taught me…

  • I am the MacGyver of my life. (Reference to MacGyver is the series that showcased some dude and his ability to save his life with a piece of gum and a toothpick)   In very short order I had to convert to an exclusive Work From Home and also had to quarantine back in March 2020 because I attended a meeting where someone in the hotel had COVID.   That was a quick way to jump into what we became to know as the GLOBAL pandemic. BTW - I may or may not have used wine boxes to create a laptop and screen platform.
  • Staying home was good for the soul. I found myself with big goals of purging stuff out of closets and the garage. Still working on that, but I looked within, and spent a lot of time with self-reflection. And self-learning.   What did you learn about yourself?
  • Time flies. How can we be at almost a year??? They said the summer (2020) would be bad. They said that when winter came, we would hit another surge and lockdown. And here we are in another round of lockdowns and curfews. If there is one thing to gain from this little nugget – be present – do today. Don’t wait.
  • Should have invested in more. Not just in yourself, but the market! How many of you wish you had bought more Peloton, Amazon. Zoom??? 😊 Healthy portfolios – who would have guessed with a PANDEMIC???   The monkey that picks stocks for the WSJ probably picked all of those stocks!
  • Speaking of Amazon... The UPS, FedEx, Amazon Prime delivery people were our new friends – and on a first name basis.

The takeaway? We are a resilient person. We can overcome. And when we need a little help – it is your C O M M U N I T Y that rallies around you.   That’s what we are – YOUR NAIFA community. Providing content that is relevant and valuable for your changing practice today – while reminding you the foundational skills are essential, that advocacy will always be at our forefront and NAIFA will always work to protect you and your clients is our focus.   Our voice gets louder in our strength in numbers.

If you think this is your NAIFA of yesteryear – think again. We are evolving. We want to hear from you. We want your input. We want your involvement. We want you to “tell a friend”.

NAIFA is working hard to be the association that serves its members even more! With programs like LILI, our new Roadshows, our NAIFA-California state conference – Empower, Engage, Explore and new membership dues structure that makes it easier on the pocketbook to join – we are becoming the place to be!

Your California NAIFA State Board is pumped to serve all of you. 

How can we help you?

Get to know your author of this month’s blog post:

Name Mimie Yoon-Lee
Board Position President
Location Walnut Creek/Bay Area
Beach or Mountains? YES
Favorite Food Noodles of all cuisines!