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Hello NAIFA-California!   My name is Shari McHugh and I am your state lobbyist!  What does that mean?  I am the eyes and ears in Sacramento every day keeping an eye out for you as agents and financial professionals.  I identify legislation that is positive for NAIFA-California members and legislation that would be harmful to agents and financial professionals.  Once bills are identified, I get to work with legislators, staff and other interested parties to either pass or stop the bills.

On the horizon in 2021, we are expecting bills dealing with long term care, the LTC Partnership, life insurance cancellation notices and health insurance mandate bills.

Our recent big success was the clarification in AB 5 (the Dynamex bill) that simply stated that agents and financial professionals are independent contractors.  This was thanks to early involvement with the author and the sponsors and the involvement of agents and financial professionals at the local level. 

Being involved in your community, knowing elected officials and being a member of NAIFA-California are of the utmost importance to protect your business and your policyholders.

Consider attending NAIFA-California’s Day on the Hill (DOTH) on March 22nd through the 25th.  This is a great way to meet fellow NAIFA-California members and to build relationships with your local elected officials.  More information on DOTH will be forthcoming.

I’m always available for questions and if you want to kickstart your political involvement in your community!  Email me at smchugh@mchughgr.com. 

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