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Eva Emperador and her family migrated from the Philippines to the United States in 1981. Her family started out in Sonneville, CA, she moved to various cities over the years, and now resides in Gilroy, CA. Eva began her career as a finance controller for various companies, managing budgets, profits, and loss for organizations in the food, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. After 25 years of success as a financial controller, Eva made the pivot into financial services. After meeting with her financial advisor, she was inspired to change her career path into the financial service industry in 2017.   

“I know finance is where I wanted to be, but it wasn’t until I met with my own advisor to help me meet my financial goals that I was inspired to make the switch,” said Emperador.  

“Twenty-five years as a controller took a toll on my personal life and I wanted a career where I can have control over my own schedule while also making a difference is someone else’s life,” said Emperador. “The financial service industry offers you a positive work-life balance while you also guide your clients into financial wellness with the right plan.” 

In 2017, Emperador started working as a Senior Marketing Director for World Financial Group. Unsure of what she had signed up for, she sought out ways to expand her knowledge in the financial services space. After receiving an email from NAIFA about a webinar that focused on women in the financial service industry, she was excited to learn more about NAIFA and what it has to offer. “I was looking for a mentor outside of my company that would help me grow and develop into a successful financial advisor,” said Emperador. "I knew NAIFA would provide me that opportunity."

Emperador officially joined NAIFA in June of this year and is excited to be a part of NAIFA Nation. She is looking forward to taking advantage of her membership and networking with other advisors who can help her increase her knowledge and share best practices. She is passionate about annuities and long-term care because she knows how important it is to have proper plans for the future.  

In 2019, she met with several clients who weren't sure how to prepare for retirement. They inspired her to guide and inform her clients, so they are better prepared and have financial stability when it comes time for them to retire.  

“I had a client that wanted to retire but he wasn't at the retirement age,” said Emperador. “I came up with an effective plan that would help guide my client to help him achieve his retirement goal and he retired about two weeks ago! That is what I love about this business.”  

Emperador is looking forward to being a value to NAIFA as she learns more about the association. She currently has her life and health license and is looking to gain her LACP and CFP certifications.

Thank you, Eva Emperador, for your service to our industry and association. We’re #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.