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Twenty-eight years ago, I entered this business not knowing the true impact I would or could have for my clients. I joined NAIFA shortly after starting with Farmers Insurance Agency at the ripe age of 23. I had no true concept of the business, except I got to see first-hand by helping a friend run his practice for two months. In that time, I had a district manager approach me to open my own agency. At first, I was resistant, but then shortly discovered, I can do this! Thankfully, I had a district manager and friend that told me I had to join NAIFA and gave me various reasons why. They both told me I would get back so much more than I put in. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but after a year in the business I knew the value of my membership. I moved back to Fresno from Lubbock, Texas, where I attended Texas Tech. I started not really knowing too many people that would or could buy insurance, but I met people in NAIFA that believed in me and helped me in so many ways -- from practice management, hiring, relationships skills, growing and running my business, and so much more. I was getting advice and coaching from the top advisors in town and across California. This growth, knowledge and insight into the industry was tremendous and a game changer for my business. Getting involved gave me the fast track to learning the industry and exposed me to industry leaders that were willing to share their time, skills, and insight to help me grow my business and help my clients. They taught me the business and what really mattered so I could exceed. That time, training and insight was priceless.

About seven months after joining NAIFA, I got involved on the board -- serving as various committee chairs and moving into various chair positions learning more and more about what my NAIFA membership does for me and my clients. It was only through serving that I got a true picture of all the protections NAIFA fights for each and every day. I didn’t realize this though until I got involved on the board. I know some of you have heard me say this a million times, but I am still in business today because of NAIFA. There were many a time that I wanted to quit. Thank goodness I did not. I love working with my clients and I love what I do every day. It was my involvement on the local and state boards that I learned just how much NAIFA fights on a local, state, and national level to protect our clients and what we provide for our clients each and every day. What I have seen through my 28 years is the constant change and continual need to educate our elected officials exactly the necessary and important services we provide to our clients. It is crucial more than ever. We help our clients in many areas of their lives and business.

I still am actively involved with NAIFA and always will be in some way so I can give back all of the valuable knowledge I gained from so many. The best thing I have gotten out of my membership is the friendships and comradery throughout the years. I have friendships that go back 28 years and some are still my best friends. NAIFA has pushed me to constantly growth and better myself and those around me for the benefit of my clients. I am passionate about NAIFA and what it has provided me and my clients all these years. I would encourage you to get involved even just a little. It might be a game changer for you like it was for me.

Get to know your author of this month’s blog post:

Name Jennifer Williams
Board Position Immediate Past President
Location Fresno, CA
Beach or Mountains? Beach
Favorite Food Sushi and Bananas Foster