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Tom Michel Honored as 2023 Norman G. Levine Distinguished Service Award Recipient

By NAIFA on 10/6/23 1:15 PM

San Diego, CA — NAIFA-California is thrilled to announce that Tom Michel, LACP, CLTC, loyal member since 1986, has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious Norman G. Levine Distinguished Service Award for 2023. This esteemed accolade recognizes outstanding dedication, leadership, and contributions to NAIFA-California and the broader insurance and financial services industry.

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NAIFA-Los Angeles Recognized in LIAM Resolutions by Local and State Lawmakers

By NAIFA on 9/9/22 10:11 AM

NAIFA-Los Angeles members have worked with local and state elected representatives to get official recognition of September as Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). The City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, and California State Senate have all issued resolutions or certificates recognizing NAIFA and LIAM.

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By Ronan Friend on 6/23/22 6:05 AM

When Ryan Ballesteros1 was studying Forensic Psychology at Walden University, he didn’t imagine a career helping protect families as a life insurance agent, much less becoming a Partner at New York Life. However, when his son’s mother was pregnant with their first child, Ballesteros saw the power of life insurance. His son’s grandfather passed away, leaving a death benefit to take care of his wife and six children. Ballesteros was able to pay off debt, start a savings account for his son and purchase life insurance for himself.

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Meet Steve Cain of NAIFA Partner LTCI Partners

By Ronan Friend on 5/3/22 2:45 AM

Steve Cain is a self-described “LTC insurance nerd” dedicated to being a lifelong learner and advocating for Main Street USA.

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By Ronan Friend on 4/29/22 3:51 AM

Stephen Kagawa, FSS, LUTCF, founder and CEO of The Pacific Bridge Companies (TPBC), has a vision—to help families protect what they love through TPBC’s platform, Aloha Financial Advisors. As Kagawa explains, “Aloha Financial Advisors is all about doing good and having advisors who are rooted in their vision of a better world driven by their core values.”

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NAIFA Welcomes New Member Christopher Faulk

By Ronan Friend on 4/3/22 11:44 PM

When Christopher Faulk started out in the financial services industry, he could tell there was something missing. As a commercial loan officer, he was helping people, but there were other aspects of his clients’ financial pictures that weren’t being addressed. He wanted to offer a more comprehensive financial service. 

In 2019, Faulk joined New York Life, and their holistic approach to addressing clients’ needs was exactly what he was looking for. Now, he protects families as an insurance agent and helps clients with their investment needs as a registered representative.

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Meet Loyal NAIFA Member Rahim Solehdin

By Ronan Friend on 3/14/22 7:19 AM

NAIFA-CA member Rahim Solehdin uses his passion and experience to train the next generation of agents and advisors at New York Life.

Making a Difference

When Solehdin joined New York Life as an agent in 2013, he found the balance he was looking for—the opportunity to help people provide for their families while making good money. He always knew he wanted to be in management, and New York Life provided that career path for him. Driven to succeed, he became a partner with New York Life in 2016. "I knew what I had to do to get there, and I did it,” he says. “[At New York Life], I knew that I could do the hard work and get what I wanted.”

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First Hispanic to Win Prestigious Will G. Farrell Public Service Award

By NAIFA-California on 3/3/22 4:26 PM

The 69th Annual Will G. Farrell Public Service Award & Leaders Recognition Event hosted by NAIFA-Los Angeles (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) and FSP-Los Angeles/Pasadena (Society of Financial Service Professionals)-was held on February 24, 2022, the second year on Zoom.

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69th Annual Will G. Farrell Award & Leadership Recognition Event

By NAIFA-California on 1/28/22 4:12 PM

Join us for the largest NAIFA-Los Angeles event of the year -
The 69th Annual Will G. Farrell Award & Leadership Recognition Event.

NAIFA-California 2022 Board of Directors

By NAIFA-California on 1/26/22 2:02 PM

The Board of Directors for the California chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) has been announced.

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Monthly Message with NAIFA-California President, Mimie Yoon-Lee

By NAIFA-California on 1/4/22 3:10 PM

The last one…
The final final.

I can’t believe 15 months have flown by and feel like I am just getting started.

I should have known better. When I was president of my local, I said the same darn thing. I'm ready for another year! But it is time to hand the torch over to our third female NAIFA CA president, Sarah Martin.

Allow me a moment to reflect on the year. COVID was at the forefront, for yet another year so how we framed delivering value to our members had to be creative. In fact being in COVID almost became the norm and getting together live was the novelty!

If there was one message I wanted to communicate, it was the idea of COMMUNITY throughout the year. We all have our reasons for belonging to an organization like NAIFA, but it’s about the people and connections you make. These relationships both serves us professionally and personally.

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Joanna Dellosa Receives 2021 Advisor Today Four Under 40 Award

By NAIFA-California on 12/15/21 4:00 PM

NAIFA-California is pleased to announce that Joanna Dellosa, LUTCF, FSS, RICP, LACP, CLU, of Wilshire Group Financial Services in Los Angeles, loyal member since 2012, is a winner of a 2021 Four Under Forty award. Additional winners this year are J. Cal Anderson, CFP, CLU, of Ameriprise Financial in Alpharetta, GA, loyal member since 2008; Rebecca Schulter, LUTCF, of UCL Financial Group in Memphis, TN, loyal member since 2015; and Steven Walker, LUTCF, of Gate City Insurance in Fargo, ND, loyal member since 2009.

The Four Under Forty Awards recognize highly motivated, well-rounded NAIFA members under the age of 40 who balance their work and home lives and are successful at helping their clients secure sound financial futures. They exhibit extraordinary professional success relatively early in their insurance and financial services careers.

This year’s recipients were honored at NAIFA’s National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., on December 6.

“The talented insurance and financial professionals who are Advisor Today’s 2021 Four Under Forty award winners represent the new generation of agents and advisors ensuring the success of our industry and financial prosperity of American families and small businesses for decades to come,” said NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux. “Their stories provide inspiration to anyone who may be considering an insurance or financial services career or who may be facing early-career challenges. They provide excellent examples of how hard work, dedication, and the support of a strong professional association can bring success.”

Joanna Dellosa, LUTCF, FSS, RICP, LACP, CLU
Dellosa, 35, began her career in insurance and financial services in 2008 after being recruited during a job fair while she was in college at Cal Poly Pomona. After early struggles to find the right clients during the Great Recession, she shifted gears and accepted an internship with Wiltshire Group Financial Services. During this time she gained a strong appreciation for identifying the proper products for the right clients. With experience, she developed a passion for estate and advanced planning.

Today, Dellosa is thriving as a General Agent at Wiltshire Group (American National). “Joanna has flourished and is loved by her clients because of her ability to provide sound planning with her product designs, professionalism, patience, and attitude,” said Alabel Lavares, CLU, LUTCF, FSS, RICP, LTCP, LACP, Principal at Wiltshire Group Financial Services, who nominated her as a Four Under 40 recipient. Dellosa has also emerged as an industry leader, serving as a Board member and Past President for NAIFA-Los Angeles.

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Meet Loyal Member, Marty Peters

By David Lahoud on 12/7/21 6:27 PM

Loyal NAIFA Member Marty Peters has been a part of NAIFA (then NALU) since 1968 and is now serving the community he is a part of in Solana Beach and Del Mar, California. Peters started out his career while working on his master's degree, having a job offered to him that started him in the financial services industry, leading him to stop his Master's degree and focus on the position he was offered. He initially found a different job that had less than desirable actions against the benefits of the customers they were assisting and moved on from that position after a bit. He was then convinced by his family to investigate the life insurance business. After a bit of convincing and learning that his education was paid for by his father’s life insurance, Peters interviewed with a few companies and secured a position with one, starting his journey in the career.

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Joanna Dellosa Receives 2021 Advisor Today Four Under 40 Award

By NAIFA on 12/7/21 6:16 PM

Advisor Today, the official publication of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), is pleased to announce that Joanna Dellosa, LUTCF, FSS, RICP, LACP, CLU, of Wilshire Group Financial Services in Los Angeles, loyal member since 2012, is a winner of a 2021 Four Under Forty award. Additional winners this year are J. Cal Anderson, CFP, CLU, of Ameriprise Financial in Alpharetta, GA, loyal member since 2008; Rebecca Schulter, LUTCF, of UCL Financial Group in Memphis, TN, loyal member since 2015; and Steven Walker, LUTCF, of Gate City Insurance in Fargo, ND, loyal member since 2009.

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Monthly Message with NAIFA-California President-Elect Sarah Martin, FSS, LUTCF

By NAIFA-California on 11/17/21 2:13 PM

A few things happened this past year: Your State Board worked with and co-sponsored a LILI class with the State of Hawaii. The last time Hawaii had a LILI class was about 20 years ago. We were happy to partner with them. I want to thank our great LILI moderators, Jerry Garcia, and John Hansbrough. They really stepped up in a big way. All classes except for class 6 were virtual. Then in September they meet in person for class 6 and graduation. Those that know me know how passionate I am about LILI. Congratulations again to our new LILI alumni, 5 from Hawaii and 2 from California. We are looking for students for next year. You will see more on this in the next few months. If you have not be through the LILI class, you are really missing out.

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Monthly Message with NAIFA-California Vice President, Rich Coffin

By NAIFA-California on 10/21/21 11:47 AM

Why I'm a NAIFA Member Today

The reason I'm a NAIFA member today is entirely different from my early years of NAIFA membership. In the beginning years of NAIFA membership, it was solely because my mentor in the business told me I had to be a member. Over those 20+ years, I would attend programs locally, interact with fellow NAIFA members and non-members. But it wasn't until I attended a "Day on the Hill" event about 10 years ago that my attitude about NAIFA and what we do for this industry changed. At this event, I realized the advocacy component of NAIFA, and how extremely important this leg of the stool is for our industry.

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Your Invitation to Engage, Empower & Explore Awaits.

By NAIFA-California on 9/10/21 6:52 PM

In a few short weeks, insurance and financial advisors come together in San Diego to engage, empower, and explore at NAIFA-California's Annual Conference. This event brings together innovative sessions, the latest industry trends, and high energy while still keeping with many of the chapter's time-honored traditions such as the presentation of the Norm Levine Distinguished Service Award. Make plans to head to San Diego from September 29th-October 1st.

Register Now

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A Message from NAIFA-CA President About e3 Conference

By Mimie Yoon-Lee on 9/1/21 11:21 AM

Hey NAIFA-California are you registered? You need to be!

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

By NAIFA-California on 8/27/21 10:49 AM

The Los Angeles City Council has declared September as Life Insurance Awareness Month for the 17th consecutive year. NAIFA-Los Angeles President, Gilbert Mares, has been influential in getting this declaration for the last 17 years. 

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Marc Sigmon Builds on His Career Success as a NAIFA Volunteer Leader

By Advisor Today on 8/23/21 10:48 AM

Marc Sigmon, NAIFA member and CEO of Marc Sigmon Insurance Agency, is the Leader of NAIFA-CA's San Diego affiliate. Sigmon joined NAIFA California in 2020 and was inspired to take on a bigger role after he attended NAIFA’s annual Congressional Conference 

"The Congressional Conference was an amazing experience," said Sigmon. "It made me want to get more involved at the state level and I am honored to have the opportunity to represent NAIFA-California as Leader Affiliate, San Diego." 

4 min read

Meet Loyal Member Gilbert Mares, MPA, LUTCF, LILLI

By Advisor Today on 8/19/21 5:01 PM

Gilbert Mares, CEO of Gilbert A. Mares and Associates, is a loyal NAIFA member and past President of NAIFA's Los Angeles affiliate from 2003-2005. 

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See You in San Diego This Fall

By NAIFA-California on 8/19/21 4:37 PM

What are your plans this fall? Be sure you've added attending e3 in San Diego to your calendar. We've got a fantastic event planned over 3 days for you to Engage. Empower. Explore. We're still finalizing all of the details of the program, but we can tell you that you won't want to miss what we have in store for you. Join us from September 29th through October 1st at the Westin San Diego Downtown.

Register Now

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Monthly Message With NAIFA-California Membership Chair, Jason Foster, LACP

By Jason Foster, LACP on 8/12/21 1:14 PM

I first joined NAIFA in 2008. It wasn’t until 2011 when I really figured out that NAIFA is much more than just an organization where I show up to a lunch or breakfast once a month to watch a guest speaker. At that time, I just moved back to CA from AZ and on my first day, in my new role, I went to see Van Mueller speak at the NAIFA Inland Empire monthly meeting. At the time, Mark Cupp was president and he immediately welcomed me and quickly got me involved. That year happened to be my first NAIFA National Conference in Las Vegas. One that I will never forget and no I am not talking about the craziness that comes from being in Las Vegas. Although those experiences were fun too. I am talking the start of what I call my NAIFA family.

Topics: Membership
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New Member Profile: Eva Emperador

By Jaquetta Gooden on 8/11/21 4:16 PM

Eva Emperador and her family migrated from the Philippines to the United States in 1981. Her family started out in Sonneville, CA, she moved to various cities over the years, and now resides in Gilroy, CA. Eva began her career as a finance controller for various companies, managing budgets, profits, and loss for organizations in the food, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. After 25 years of success as a financial controller, Eva made the pivot into financial services. After meeting with her financial advisor, she was inspired to change her career path into the financial service industry in 2017.   

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Mark Your Calendars for the NAIFA-California e3 Conference

By NAIFA-California on 8/11/21 11:47 AM

Engage. Empower. Explore. NAIFA-California's signature event is back live and in-person September 29-October 1 in San Diego. This is the quality conference you've come to expect from NAIFA-California. Complete with engaging breakout sessions, ample networking opportunities, the annual business meeting, and the naming of this year's Norm Levine Distinguished Service Award. You will hear from NAIFA rock stars like Tom Michel and Delvin Joyce.

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NAIFA-Los Angeles Life Insurance Awareness Event

By NAIFA-California on 7/21/21 9:35 AM

Join NAIFA-Los Angeles Thursday, August 26th for a Life Insurance Awareness Event with David McKnight, Author of "The Power of Zero", and Faisa Stafford, CEO of Life Happens! 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM PST on the Zoom Platform.

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Monthly Message With NAIFA-California Immediate Past President, Jennifer Williams

By Jennifer Williams on 6/16/21 3:28 PM

Twenty-eight years ago, I entered this business not knowing the true impact I would or could have for my clients. I joined NAIFA shortly after starting with Farmers Insurance Agency at the ripe age of 23. I had no true concept of the business, except I got to see first-hand by helping a friend run his practice for two months. In that time, I had a district manager approach me to open my own agency. At first, I was resistant, but then shortly discovered, I can do this! Thankfully, I had a district manager and friend that told me I had to join NAIFA and gave me various reasons why. They both told me I would get back so much more than I put in. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but after a year in the business I knew the value of my membership. I moved back to Fresno from Lubbock, Texas, where I attended Texas Tech. I started not really knowing too many people that would or could buy insurance, but I met people in NAIFA that believed in me and helped me in so many ways -- from practice management, hiring, relationships skills, growing and running my business, and so much more. I was getting advice and coaching from the top advisors in town and across California. This growth, knowledge and insight into the industry was tremendous and a game changer for my business. Getting involved gave me the fast track to learning the industry and exposed me to industry leaders that were willing to share their time, skills, and insight to help me grow my business and help my clients. They taught me the business and what really mattered so I could exceed. That time, training and insight was priceless.

Topics: Membership
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Your Industry Needs YOUR Voice

By Peter Buechler on 5/18/21 12:43 PM

I am writing to ask for your help in defeating a piece of proposed legislation that will dramatically change the scope and nature of your independent financial planning practice or insurance agency.

Topics: Advocacy
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Monthly Message with NAIFA-California GR Chairperson, peter Buechler

By NAIFA-California on 5/14/21 12:24 PM

NAIFA-California Day on the Hill 2021- A HUGE Success. NAIFA-California members have a lot to be proud of for their effectiveness at this year’s Virtual State Day on the Hill (DOTH).  This year’s DOTH was held the last week of March and early June as dozens of members connected with State Assemblypersons, Senators and staffers virtually to discuss three pending pieces of legislations. AB551; AB743; and AB1498. Of the bills we addressed, thus far we have seen positive change on two, AB743 and AB1498 have both been suspended in committee meaning they will not move forward this legislative period. After discussing the details on the stall of these bills, it looks like they will be allowed to die completely and will not be resubmitted in current form.

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Inland Empire Hosts Second Quarter Meeting

By NAIFA-California on 5/11/21 8:49 AM

NAIFA Affiliate Inland Empire is hosting a Disability Forum - Ask the Experts - for their second quarter meeting. Tune in on Friday, May 21st at 11 a.m. presented by Iain MacDonald with diBroker West (N. CA), Paul Sitar with diBroker West (S. CA) and Zach Mindham, Senior DI Sales Mgr. with Principal.

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Fresno Lunch and Learn

By NAIFA-California on 5/10/21 5:34 PM

Are you wondering how proposed tax changes might impact you? Learn about President Biden's proposed tax plan and join us for an informative discussion on the Biden administration's tax proposals.

2 min read

NAIFA-Los Angeles presents: Building Business Insights

By NAIFA-California on 5/6/21 12:01 PM

This webinar event is perfect for new agents/advisors as well as veteran agents/advisors who want to learn new ways to generate leads, to protect online content and client information, and to incorporate success tips shared by top agents. Enhance your knowledge about building your business - take your business to new heights - as 4 highly successful agents/advisors share their pearls of wisdom.

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Virtual Roadshow: June 8

By NAIFA-California on 4/26/21 3:14 PM

Have you registered yet? Our next "stop" features Van Mueller! Learn more about Van below:
Register today
January 23, 2021 marks Van’s 48th year as an insurance agent. He is an active member of MDRT having qualified for Court of the Table in 1990 and Top of The Table for the last 31 years.

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Monthly Message with NAIFA-California Secretary, Marc Bregman

By NAIFA-California on 4/14/21 12:51 PM

I'm Marc Bregman, Secretary of the NAIFA California board, and in this monthly blog message, I'll talk about my board focus -- programs and member benefits.

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Next Stop on the Virtual Roadshow...

By NAIFA-California on 4/7/21 11:08 AM

June 8th is our next Virtual Roadshow-so don't miss it! Hear Van Mueller, LUTCF, LACP, Registered Representative speak on his topic, This is the Greatest Time Ever to Sell Cash Value Life Insurance. Tune in on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 10-11:30 AM PST.

This session will show you easy ways to increase your appointments and then increase your success in each appointment. Then we will  show you questions to ask customers that illustrate why this is the greatest time ever to own cash value life insurance. Instead of selling we will show how to ask customers if they would like the benefits provided by cash value life insurance. Don't miss this. It could change your career!

This event is not only free for NAIFA members to register, but the first 12 to register AND attend in full, receive a CD set from Van! Nonmembers can attend for only $15. If a nonmember joins NAIFA...their $15 gets reimbursed!

Click here to register!

Important: To be eligible for the speaker gift, your membership must be current and you must attend our event from start to finish. Attendance will be verified.

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Taking Nominations Now!

By NAIFA-California on 3/26/21 11:26 AM

Nominations for the 2021 NAIFA-California Norman G. Levine Distinguished Service Award are open!

NAIFA California’s highest honor is the Norman G. Levine Distinguished Service Award. The award was originally established in 1992 as the Distinguished Service Award. It was later renamed to honor the longtime service and leadership of the industry great, Norman G. Levine.

To learn more about Norman G. Levine and the incredible person he was, click here. If you know of someone who might qualify for this honor, submit their name by using one of the attached forms below!

PDF Application OR Electronic Application

Final Days Register and Impact Legislation in Sacramento

By NAIFA-California on 3/20/21 12:11 PM

NAIFA-California's Day on the Hill is just a few days away with events kicking off on March 22nd. The final day to register to ensure you have appointments scheduled is Monday, March 21st.  IFAPAC Chair, Michael Mares and the rest of NAIFA-California come together to amplify our voice in Sacramento. It's up to us to educate our legislators about how the issues they vote on impact #MainStreetUSA consumers and the #AmericanAdvisor.  

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Invitation to NAIFA-Washington Virtual Million Dollar Idea Day

By NAIFA-California on 3/19/21 1:55 PM

NAIFA-Washington invites NAIFA-California members to attend their Virtual Million Dollar Idea Day! When is it? May 20, 2021 at 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

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Monthly Message with NAIFA-California VP, Michael Mares

By NAIFA-California on 3/17/21 4:14 PM

A few years ago, I remember a reviewing a flyer promoting disability income insurance. The flyer described two job choices: Position A pays a $100,000 annual salary, while Position B pays a $98,000 annual salary and protects 60% of that income if you become sick or hurt and cannot go to work. Which position would you select?

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Make Your Voice Heard: Attend 2021 NAIFA-CA Day on the Hill

By NAIFA-California on 3/8/21 1:50 PM

NAIFA's Government Relations Program has been the cornerstone of the industry since 1890. For many years, NAIFA-California members have gathered in Sacramento for the annual Day on the Hill. COVID restrictions are not going to keep us from getting the job done, so our event is going virtual in 2021.

3 min read

Register for the NAIFA-California Day on the Hill Today!

By NAIFA-California on 3/4/21 11:28 AM

Every year, at the beginning of the California legislative session, NAIFA-California members gather in Sacramento for our annual Day on the Hill. This year, the gathering will be done virtually! Scroll to the bottom of this page to register, and check out the schedule we have planned for the week of March 22.

4 min read

Fresno and CCAHU Join Forces for Financial Wellness!

By NAIFA-California on 3/2/21 11:30 AM

Join NAIFA Affiliate Fresno and Central California Association of Health Underwriters (CCAHU) for a joint event of Financial Wellness!
March 18, 2021; 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m.

3 min read

NAIFA-California Virtual Day On the Hill Is OPEN!

By NAIFA-California on 2/22/21 12:30 PM

NAIFA-California invites you to participate in our Virtual Day On the Hill! When is it? Monday, March 22nd through Thursday, March 25th

2 min read

Monthly Message with NAIFA-California Lobbyist, Shari McHugh

By NAIFA-California on 2/17/21 1:04 PM

Hello NAIFA-California!   My name is Shari McHugh and I am your state lobbyist!  What does that mean?  I am the eyes and ears in Sacramento every day keeping an eye out for you as agents and financial professionals.  I identify legislation that is positive for NAIFA-California members and legislation that would be harmful to agents and financial professionals.  Once bills are identified, I get to work with legislators, staff and other interested parties to either pass or stop the bills.

2 min read

Affiliate Inland Empire: Situational Social Security

By NAIFA-California on 2/16/21 1:18 PM

Have you registered for the Inland Empire Virtual Lunch Meeting yet? This meeting will feature Marc Kiner and Jim Blair with Premier Social Security Consulting, LLC! Check out the details below!

Situational Social Security, February 19, 2021; 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Register now!

5 min read

Is Your Reservation In Place Like Everything Else?

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 2/9/21 10:58 AM

Awards are in place, trophies are ordered, program is being finalized, and sponsors are in. Did you make your reservation for the biggest insurance event of the year? If not, click HERE! or go to www.naifala.org

2 min read

Fresno Affiliate to Host February Meeting!

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 2/4/21 11:28 AM

Register to attend the Fresno Virtual Lunch Meeting with Tom Kelly and Ryan Smith of Pacific Life!
February 16, 2021; 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m.

1 min read

LILI Will Change Your Life & Your Career

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 2/2/21 12:28 PM

 NAIFA -California is still taking applications for the 2021 LILI Class! The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) is a leadership development program devoted to enhancing your personal growth and professional success. Those who have taken the class are its biggest advocates saying that it was a life-changing experience!  In fact, your NAIFA-California Board of Directors have all been LILI graduates!

Click here to find out all that LILI has to offer! Want to join our new 2021 class? Here's how it works:

4 min read

Monthly Message with NAIFA-California President, Mimie Yoon-Lee

By Elizabeth Nelson on 1/25/21 2:32 PM

Hello NAIFA-California Members!

2 min read

Extension on Raffle!

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 1/22/21 12:03 PM

Have you recently posted on your legislator's social media site? Or, have you recently increased your annual IFAPAC contribution? Even something as simple as visiting and liking your legislators' social media will enter you in the contest-You just have to report it to us! Let us know you completed any one of these tasks and you earn yourself a raffle ticket to win something like an iPad!

1 min read

2021 Virtual Roadshow

By NAIFA-California on 1/22/21 6:55 AM

On February 3rd, we'll make the first pitstop of the year on the three (3) session NAIFA-California Virtual Roadshow Series, with guests from Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and Nevada invited to attend. Each of the Roadshow dates will feature an industry speaker, followed by a question & answer session with the speaker, as well as updates from NAIFA-California. Join us from 10-11:30 am Pacific.

First off is industry expert, Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL presenting Paychecks to Playchecks: Retirement Solutions for Life. In this session, Tom will share best practices for long term care planning, offer cutting-edge estate planning ideas, teach you how to retire with enough guaranteed lifetime income to cover your basic expenses, and demonstrate how to optimize the rest of your portfolio to make sure you receive your "Playchecks". 

  • $30 to register for both NAIFA members and nonmembers

  • First 21 NAIFA members to register and attend receive a speaker book!

  • First 100 NAIFA members to register and attend receive a CE voucher good for ONE course worth of CE! (This CE is SELF

  •  STUDY and not affiliated with the program presented.)

Register today!

Important! Those who register MUST pay in full and attend our event from start to finish in order to be eligible for the CE voucher and speaker book!

2 min read

Join Inland Empire for their First Quarter Meeting!

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 1/21/21 12:40 PM

Register to attend the Inland Empire Virtual Meeting featuring Marc Kiner and Jim Blair with Premier Social Security Consulting, LLC!

2 min read

NAIFA-Washington to Host Fifth Annual NAIFA Symposium-You're Invited!

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 1/19/21 11:58 AM

NAIFA-Washington is inviting NAIFA-California members to join them for their Fifth Annual NAIFA Symposium, featuring Joe Jordan!

Due to COVID19, NAIFA-Washington will host their program virtually! When? February 16, 2021 @ 9:00am-2:00pm PST
Join NAIFA-Washington and neighboring states online for incredible speakers and amazing content to help your business grow! NAIFA-Washington is excited to announce this year’s keynote speaker, Joe Jordan! Mr. Jordan is an inspirational speaker and behavior finance expert, and the author of Living a Life of Significance. The book sold 100,000 copies, translated into five languages, and was featured in Nick Murray’s “The Advisor’s Essential Library.” Formerly, Mr. Jordan ran insurance sales at Paine Webber and more recently was a senior vice president at MetLife. He is a founder of the Insured Retirement Institute and has been featured on the cover of Life Insurance Selling Magazine.
Additional speakers include:
Dave Christy, State Farm, “Walk the Walk”
Alan Pratt, Signatry, “Legacy Planning”
Jim Lusk, “Washington Long Term Care Trust Act
How much? NAIFA Members are $59 to register, and non-members are $69. NAIFA-Washington is also offering an Agency Rate of $500 for unlimited registrations!
The first 50 NAIFA Members to register will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card!
Register Online Here!
1 min read

Taking LILI Applications Now!

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 1/12/21 10:42 AM

NAIFA -California is taking applications for the 2021 LILI Class! The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) is a 48 hour leadership development program devoted to enhancing your personal growth and professional success. Those who have taken the class are its biggest advocates saying that it was a life-changing experience!

LILI will change your life & your career. Click here to find out all that LILI has to offer! Want to join our new class? Here's how it works:

Who: A class is formed with approximately nine NAIFA members; the ideal size to promote close relationships, and two moderators to guide you through the course. 

What: The curriculum is specifically designed to promote leadership in all areas of your life.

When and Where:
Our 2021 LILI classes will be VIRTUAL sessions! Our only in-person class will meet on September 15th at our NAIFA-California CAC. The virtual classes will meet at the following time:

Every week, Tuesdays @ 5:30-7 p.m. PST. Classes begin March 2 with orientation and go through September 15th.

Click here for the full schedule!

Cost: Tuition for the class will be $900.

Please take some time to consider this life-changing experience. If you are interested, click the button below!
Apply Now!

Applications are due to NAIFA-California by February 12, 2021.

Questions? If you have any questions or would like more information on the class, please contact NAIFA-California at 844-536-9339 or the State LILI Chair Sarah Martin at 805-239-7443.

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NAIFA-LA 68th Annual Will G. Farrell Award & Leadership Recognition Event

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 1/7/21 10:46 AM

NAIFA-Los Angeles Presents in conjunction with FSP-Los Angeles/Pasadena the 
68th Annual Will G. Farrell Award & Leadership Recognition Event!
www.naifala.org | 213-500-4946 | janet@naifala.org

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Fresno Affiliate to Host January Meeting!

By NAIFA Member & Chapter Services on 12/29/20 10:53 AM

Register to attend the Fresno Virtual Lunch Meeting with Andre Covington!

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NAIFA-Los Angeles Hosts Their 68th Annual Event

By Elizabeth Nelson on 12/14/20 10:33 AM

NAIFA-Los Angeles Presents in conjunction with FSP-Los Angeles/Pasadena the 
68th Annual Will G. Farrell Award & Leadership Recognition Event!
www.naifala.org | 213-500-4946 | janet@naifala.org

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NAIFA-LA 68th Annual Will G. Farrell Award & Leadership Recognition Event

By Elizabeth Nelson on 11/16/20 10:33 AM

NAIFA-Los Angeles Presents in conjunction with FSP-Los Angeles/Pasadena the 
68th Annual Will G. Farrell Award & Leadership Recognition Event!
www.naifala.org | 213-500-4946 | janet@naifala.org

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What Will You Win?

By Elizabeth Nelson on 11/10/20 12:37 PM

Didn't you know? NAIFA-California is running a contest, and someone's going to win an iPad, someone else is going to win AirPods and a bunch of people are going to win COVID Survival Kits. Most importantly, the entire STATE is going to win, because each of the simple tasks members complete to enter the raffle, increases our political clout here in California!

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By Elizabeth Nelson on 11/6/20 1:00 PM


Book Launch: Tax-Free Income for Life by David McKnight

By Elizabeth Nelson on 11/3/20 10:26 AM

NAIFA-Greater Foothills is excited and proud to share the wisdom that David McKnight brings to our industry. Join us on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 1-2 p.m. PST.

Traditional VS. Hybrid LTC Insurance

By Elizabeth Nelson on 11/2/20 9:58 AM

NAIFA-Greater Foothills is inviting you to Traditional vs. Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance! Long Term Care Insurance won't make you rich: It is meant to prevent you from becoming poor.
Join us in an hour long webinar celebrating Long Term Care Awareness Month.
Presenter: Stan Israel, President of Stan Israel Insurance Services, Inc.

Attendees are eligible for 1 CE unit at the conclusion of the meeting.
Thursday, November 5, 2020: 11:30AM-12:30PM: Register HERE!

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Los Angeles Happy Hour Inspiration & Installation

By Elizabeth Nelson on 10/21/20 5:15 PM

NAIFA-Los Angeles is hosting a virtual meeting, Happy Hour Inspiration & Installation.
Register below to attend on Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 4 p.m
.! This event is Free and Virtual!

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COVID & Recession Reactive SWOT Analysis

By Elizabeth Nelson on 10/15/20 12:46 PM

NAIFA-Greater Foothills is inviting you to Covid & Recession Reactive SWOT Analysis on Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 5-7 p.m. This virtual event is free.

COVID & Recession Reactive SWOT Analysis is a motivational and empowering presentation for
small business owners & financial service professionals giving strategies to amend their
navigational coordinates in light of the present storm.

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Congrats NAIFA-California LILI Grads!

By Elizabeth Nelson on 10/5/20 3:34 PM

NAIFA-California 2020 LILI (Leadership in Life Institute) student's had their virtual graduation ceremony on October 1, 2020. The now LILI Graduates heard from a great line up of LILI alumni and fellow NAIFA-California members including:

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NAIFA-California Supports the Members of NAIFA-New York

By NAIFA-California on 10/5/20 10:06 AM

As the Board of Directors serving NAIFA – California, we unanimously state for the public record that we are committed to NAIFA and will serve our members’ best interests. We undertake our fiduciary duties of overseeing our state chapter association seriously and are good stewards of our chapter’s assets whether the resources we oversee are monetary or human capital.

Topics: #NAIFAProud
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Norman G. Levine Distinguised Service Award

By Elizabeth Nelson on 9/30/20 11:45 AM

Nominations for the 2020 NAIFA-California Norman G. Levine Distinguished Service Award are now open! If you know of someone who might qualify for this honor, submit their name using the form below!

To honor our longtime member Norm Levine, NAIFA-California established its annual Distinguished Service Award.

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A Public Service Announcement for You & Your Clients

By Elizabeth Nelson on 9/29/20 9:07 AM

On October 1st 11:30 a.m., Women in Financial Services (WIFS) will host "A Special Public Service Announcement re PACE Program and Negative Effects". NAIFA California Local Greater Foothills and NAIFA-California Affiliate Inland Empire are co-sponsors for this virtual event. 

There is no charge to attend this event. 

NAIFA-Los Angeles to Host LIAM Event

By Justi Folladori on 7/28/20 4:35 PM

On August 27, NAIFA-Los Angeles will host a Life Insurance Awareness event with four amazing speakers! 

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E3 to Feature Keynote Speaker Mike Robbins!

By Justi Folladori on 7/27/20 5:41 PM

At this year's Empower. Engage. Explore. Conference, we will welcome author and performance expert Mike Robbins to the stage! For the past 20 years, Mike has been a sought-after speaker and consultant who delivers keynotes and seminars for some of the top organizations in the world. From the Bay Area, Mike's clients include Google, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Scwab, eBay, the NBA, New York Life, LinkedIn, the Oakland A’s and many others. 

Join us virtually on August 20 for Mike's keynote presentation, "We Are The Champions…" As a reminder, this event will be FREE to both members and nonmembers. Spread the word, and block your calendar for this one day meeting that will begin at 9 a.m. and end with a virtual Happy Hour at 4 p.m.

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Alternative Strategies in Uncertain Times

By Justi Folladori on 7/22/20 1:01 PM

On August 12 at 2 p.m., Inland Empire will host Brian Clark and Lisa Rehburg for a virtual meeting! During this meeting Brian and Lisa will help you understand both sides of the life settlement coin. How to help clients extract maximum value from a hidden asset and how to offer a unique investment using just your life license that historically has yielded stock market-like returns, but carries none of the same risks.

Ron Adams Passing

By Jennifer Williams on 7/22/20 12:55 PM

It is with a heavy heart that I announce to you the passing of Ron Adams. Ron lost his three year battle with Leukemia on July 14, 2020. Ron served as a trustee and then on to serve as our California State President from 2014 -2015. He served as President at a very transitional time for California. Ron graduated from the LILI program in 2012 and was a passionate NAIFA. Many of you were probably touched by Ron’s generous heart, his love of the business and passion for helping others grow. Ron will be missed by all of us. At this time, service arrangements are pending. To read Ron's obituary, please click here.

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It's Time to Register for E3!

By Justi Folladori on 7/16/20 2:00 PM

Join us virtually on August 20 as we come together for great content, networking and leadership for this year's Empower. Engage. Explore. Conference! This event will be FREE to both members and nonmembers. So please spread the word, and make time for this one day meeting that will begin at 9 a.m. and end with a virtual Happy Hour at 4 p.m.

Your Input is Needed!

By Justi Folladori on 7/10/20 11:53 AM

Have you changed the way you live and work during COVID-19? We want to hear how you are supporting your community and your clients during this unprecedented time. Have you changed your hours of operations? How have you been serving your clients virtually? Is there anything NAIFA-California can do to help? Let us know by taking this short five-minute survey!

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E3 Conference Registration Now Open!

By Justi Folladori on 7/9/20 10:47 AM

Registration is now open for this year's Empower. Engage. Explore. Conference! Join us virtually on August 20 as we come together for great content, networking and leadership. This event is FREE to both members and nonmembers! So please spread the word, and make time for this one day meeting. 

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Dan Finley to Present on July 23

By Justi Folladori on 6/25/20 3:12 PM

Understanding the 5 Most Important Facets of Your Business

2020 NAIFA-California Gold Sponsor: Petersen International Underwriters

By Justi Folladori on 6/15/20 2:57 PM

Want to learn more about NAIFA-California's 2020 Gold Sponsor Petersen International Underwriters? Click below to watch a short video on what they have to offer!

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The Truth Behind Group Long Term Disability

By Justi Folladori on 6/4/20 2:49 PM

The Truth Behind Group Long Term Disability (1 CEC), presented by Jessica Ciccarelli, CLU, ChFC
This is a one-hour intermediate course intended for insurance agents and brokers who are familiar with the fundamentals of disability insurance. The course will take students through a case study intended to educate them on the inherit gaps and shortfalls of most group LTD plans, also emphasizing the possible negative impacts that this can have on their clients. Attendees will learn how to identify the shortcomings of group LTD plans and how to communicate these to their clients.

Fresno Financial Summit

By Justi Folladori on 6/2/20 3:20 PM

Join Fresno at Pardini's for their premier event of the year! Featured speakers include Sina Azari, Tom Logan and Tyler Harris!

Fresno's Monthly Meetings are Back!

By Justi Folladori on 6/2/20 3:15 PM

Fresno's monthly luncheons have returned! Join them on Tuesday, June 16 at the Vino Grille & Spirits. In order to practice safe social distancing, registration will be limited to 36 attendees.

Save the Date for This Year's Annual Conference!

By Justi Folladori on 6/2/20 3:11 PM

Save the date for this year’s Empower, Engage, Educate Conference! Join us virtually on August 20 as we come together for keynote speakers, sales/marketing ideas from this year’s sponsors, networking and our annual LEAD meeting. Best part? This event is FREE to both members and nonmembers! Stay tuned as we continue to announce keynote speakers and additional program details. Registration will open at the end of June!

Want to join us in-person? No problem! The NAIFA-California Board of Trustees will be gathering in-person at the Kona Kai Resort & Spa in San Diego and would love to be joined by fellow NAIFA-California members.

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New "Long Term Care At Home" Benefit in the Medi-Cal Program

By Justi Folladori on 5/26/20 10:29 AM

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is announcing that it will begin development of a potential new “Long Term Care at Home” benefit in Medi-Cal. This new model of care is intended to help address the coronavirus pandemic, and provide eligible consumers with a coordinated and bundled set of home and community services to help vulnerable adults statewide stay healthy at home. 

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Message from Fresno's Affiliate Leader

By Derrick Linman on 5/12/20 3:48 PM

Welcome to a new “normal.” If you are like me, not being able to shake hands when greeting someone or even give a hug is still awkward and uncomfortable. I look forward to the day where I can greet someone the “proper” way again.

May 13: Magical Happy Hour

By Emily Cabbage on 5/11/20 4:17 PM

Register Here!

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NAIFA-California Impact Hour a Success

By Emily Cabbage on 5/11/20 3:50 PM

On April 29, NAIFA-California Leadership brought our members Impact Hour, offering the updates you need with the content you want to navigate through COVID-19 and beyond.  This was also chance to virtually catch up on all of the latest happenings since the shelter in place order took effect.  Members of the state board were joined by California Lobbyist Shari McHugh, NAIFA Vice President of Government Relations, Diane Boyle and California's own President Elect, Tom Michel.

Topics: COVID-19
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NAIFA Nation Comes Together at Town Hall Meetings

By Emily Cabbage on 4/16/20 9:27 AM

NAIFA's Executive Committee is continues to host bi-weekly Town Hall meetings in April which address a variety of topics related to COVID-19 and the impact to our industry.

Topics: COVID-19
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NAIFA Announces Impact Week 2020

By Emily Cabbage on 4/3/20 4:06 PM

The 2020 NAIFA Congressional Conference will not be held in Washington, DC this year...but that doesn't mean NAIFA won't be delivering opportunities for our members.

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NAIFA Town Hall Meetings Take Center Stage in the Wake of COVID-19

By Emily Cabbage on 4/2/20 6:59 AM

During the week of March 23, NAIFA's executive committee hosted a series of daily webinars for our members to share thoughts, ideas and resources during COVID-19. Each Town Hall is open to all advisors where we can share ideas and help each other learn how to better serve our clients in the COVID-19 environment.

Topics: COVID-19
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California Members Celebrate NAIFA's 130th Anniversary

By Emily Cabbage on 4/2/20 6:44 AM

NAIFA-California welcomed NAIFA CEO, Kevin Mayeux, CAE to Los Angeles by hosting a VIP Reception celebrating NAIFA's 130th Anniversary on February, 19.